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Crisis Intervention Team Training

April 14-18, 2014 Geauga County Crisis Intervention Team Training 2014 is a 40 hour training for first responders (law enforcement officers, firefighters, corrections personnel, and emergency services personne), school and mental health staff to more effectively respond to people in the community having a mental health or substance abuse crisis. 30 CEU's are available through Ravenwood Mental Health Center. This week-long training teaches awareness of the most common and serious mental illnesses, how to identify when a person is in crisis, and techniques to use when dealing with a person in a mental health or substance abuse crisis. The C.I.T. training session consists of many topics such as “What is mental illness?”, Mood Disorders, Schizophrenia, Psychotic and Personality Disorders and De-escalation Skills. Participants will also tour various facilities and programs that work with the mentally ill and individuals in crisis in Geauga County.

The C.I.T. program has been proven to be effective and beneficial not only to law enforcement and emergency personnel, but also to the person in crisis and to their loved ones by getting the medical and/or psychiatric attention that they may need. The goal is to train every willing law enforcement officer in Geauga County and to continue to effectively serve the community. The training includes presentations by Geauga County mental health professionals, court officials, other government and law enforcement professionals and families with a mentally ill loved one. The training is free to attendees thanks to funding by the Geauga County Board of Mental Health and Recovery Services, NAMI Ohio and Fairmount Minerals Corporation. The long-term goals are to train a sufficient number of law enforcement officers in Geauga County so that a CIT certified officer would be available on each shift to respond to calls in the community dealing with the mentally ill in crisis and to track the outcomes of such calls to ensure that the skills being taught are effective and helpful. Contact Deanna Brant (440-285-3568) at Ravenwood Mental Health Center or Lt. Scott Niehus (440-279-2009) at the Geauga County Sheriff’s Office to register or email Deanna Brant. Registration Form

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With the rapid changes that have been occurring in mental health education, it is difficult for professionals to keep up with new developments. The Mental Health Association offers a variety of continuing education programs designed to meet the needs of today's practitioners and educators. These workshops are held in the Geauga County area and offer an opportunity for professionals to grow and develop their skills locally. If you would like to be added to our list of educators and practitioners so we can keep you informed about upcoming workshops, please contact us.


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